Few Easy Tips of Learning English

English is the most popular language spoken all over the world, which is also the official language of several countries, like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, and numerous other Commonwealth countries. It is considered as the most widely spoken language all over the world. But it may be difficult for many people to study English, whose mother tongue is not this language. Though it seems quite complicated for beginners, there are some simple ways of learning this language.

Read anything written in English – The habit of reading is the best way of learning a new language. Hence, you need to read plenty of books, newspapers, and online stories or articles, all written in English. The more you read, your vocabulary in English becomes stronger. You should read interesting materials in English so that you enjoy reading and learning this language. You need to try to understand every English word that you read in these books, magazines, or e-books.

Learn new English words – You should make it a point to learn some new English words or phrases every day. Whenever you come across an unknown English word, you need to write it down with its meaning. English learning will become simpler when you find interesting words to express your feelings in English. So you should carry a notebook to make a list of newly learned English words or idioms. You may also note down these words in an app on your mobile.

Join English speaking groups – Several online forums are available now, where you can communicate with other members in English. You do not need to hesitate about your weakness in the English language, as you get enough time to check your English while posting a question or answering to others’ questions. However, it is better to choose forums based on your favorite subjects or passions, like traveling, cooking, photography, or music. So you will feel more intrigued to share your opinions, resulting in the betterment of your English communication skills.

Enjoy audios or videos in English – Like all other subjects; it becomes easier to study English through relevant audios and videos. So you may watch English videos on YouTube that may help in enriching your English vocabulary. There are also English podcasts covering your favorite topics, which will rouse your interest in listening to the entire audio file. It may be a bit tough for you to understand the native English accent in some audio or videos. However, English subtitles are provided in many videos, for the convenience of learners.

Do not be too conscious about grammar – Many people feel nervous about their limited knowledge of English grammar. However, you should not be too conscious about grammatical mistakes while speaking, as that can hamper your fluency. You need not learn all the grammatical rules by heart, as that may not be of much help while speaking. So you should practice using these rules in all modes of English communication. Your sole aim should be to express yourself clearly in English when you speak to someone in this language. No one will mind or make fun of your minor mistakes in English, as this is not your mother tongue.

Allot definite schedule to study English – You must maintain a schedule for English learning every day, preferably in the morning. When you learn English words daily with a cool brain, you will be able to recollect them easily while speaking to others in this language. You do not need an hour for this study, as only 10 – 15 minutes daily may be enough for brushing your English knowledge. This is a useful habit for making you a pro in the English language gradually.

Practice writing English randomly – You should not be too careful about mistakes while speaking and writing English. You need to check your write-ups on an online tool, to find all errors in spellings, sentence structures, and grammar. There are multiple linguistic tools available on the internet, which can be used for free. The correction of these mistakes will help you to learn English more thoroughly. So you need to write anything at random in English every day, to become an expert in this language.

Join an English coaching class – You can join a local spoken English class, to gain fluency in the English language. Moreover, several online courses are now available for learning English, which will help you to become proficient in this language. However, if you are aspiring to appear in TOEFL or similar competitive examinations, you need to join a reputed educational institute to study English.

Hence, now English learning is a simple affair and you can have great fun while getting into the depth of this language. You should not compare yourself with others and feel lowly about your inability of communicating fluently in English. It is easier to learn English than many other languages of the world. So your dream of speaking and writing fluently in English can be fulfilled very shortly now.