Everything Explained About the Pronunciation

Everything Explained About the Pronunciation

The way in which we make the sound of words in any language is called pronunciation. Pronunciation is also influenced by the accent or local dialects.  People living in the North of England pronounce some words completely different than how they are pronounced by the people living in the south of England. There are also international accents of the English language as English is still widely spoken in many commonwealth countries and is also an official language of some of them. When people from these international countries travel to UK or US, they often find that native English speakers struggle to understand them because of their international accent.

We have prepared this guideline for non-native English speakers, so in order for them to understand about the basics of pronunciation.”.

How To Spell And Pronounce The Word “Pronunciation”?

The word pronunciation means the way in which a person speaks.

There are some words in English that are hard to pronounce, spell, and write. Either we pronounce what we were supposed to write or speak what we were supposed to spell. So, there are some really difficult words in the English language that needs a proper explanation. One of such words is “pronunciation”.

There is great confusion about the spelling and pronunciation of the word “pronunciation”. Let us first try to understand why there is so much confusion surrounding this word, then we’ll go ahead and explain the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word “pronunciation”.

1. How to Spell the Pronunciation?

Many people confuse the middle part of the word “pronunciation” with “noun”. We all humans are used to connecting an event or a thing with another. So, we can remember it well. Likewise, most people try to connect the middle part of the Pronunciation with “noun”.

We are not blaming the speakers of the language for this confusion. The verb of the word “pronunciation” is “pronounce”. So, why can it not be “Pronunciation”? Instead of writing “Pronunciation”, most people write “pronunciation”. This is an incorrect way to spell the pronunciation. It is “Pronunciation”.

Tip: You can refer to the “nuns” in mind while spelling pronunciation. So, you will not forget it next time.

2. How To “Speak Pronunciation”?

When you find a word in the dictionary, you directly see the meaning of the word. But do you know that dictionaries also define the way words are spoken? Besides the words themselves, you’ll often come across some words often with strange spellings like (prə-nŭn′sē-ā′shən). These strange words basically show us the “pronunciation” of the words and in his case, this strange word is showing us the pronunciation of word pronunciation itself.

So pronunciation is the way in which we utter a word or make sounds for speaking that particular word. One of the toughest words to pronounce is the “pronunciation” itself.  Most readers keep pronouncing the word “pronunciation” as Pronunciation”. Let me stress it again that you cannot pronounce the middle part of the word as “noun”. You have to pronounce it the way it is written and i.e  “pronunciation”.

Make a subtle sound of the “nun”, and you will be able to speak the word “pronunciation” perfectly.

Bottom Line

Remember not to confuse Pronunciation with Pronunciation at college or your workplace.  In order to spell and read pronunciation correctly, you need to fully understand the difference between noun and verb of the word pronunciation. To refresh it again before you go, the noun is “Pronunciation” whereas the verb is “Pronounce”.